Top Accounting Companies of the World
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Top Accounting Companies of the World

The big companies like Google and Amazon also have hired the top audit firms in UAE and they also get services from the best accounting firms in Abu Dhabi.

If you now want to hire one and you are looking for the best companies in the world, then you are in luck because here, we have mentioned the best kind of companies who have made their mark and reputation in the world;

  1. The first is PWC which is also called the Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP. They are the members of price waterhouse coopers international limited and they operate in 157 countries and they have 276,000 people working for them and they have reserves of 86 percent of the fortune and they even support small start ups as well. their score is 8,627.
  2. The second is Deloitte and they provide the services of audit, tax and tax advisory and they have 90 percent shares in more than 500 fortunate companies and they have more than 5000 offices around the world. And they have supported some companies that are now the biggest industries and that are 20 of them and their score is 8,314.
  3. The third is KPMG LLP. It is said to be the 4th biggest companies of the accounting firms and the best one in the United States as well. They have 100 offices in the United States.
  4. The next is BDO USA LLP. And it is a firm of BDO international limited they have 1600 offices in 167 countries and they have 65 offices in the United states only and they are said to be the company that has the easiest terms and conditions.
  5. The next is Plante Moran and it has been operational since 96 years and this is also the biggest accounting firms in the United States.

If you have a business and that is growing large then you have to hire an accounting firm. If you are saying that you have all the latest software to handle all your cash, then remember that the rules of accounting are always changing and updating and that is why you need to update the system and that is also done by the accountant as well. And what about that money that comes by hand.

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