What To Do After Lip Filling Treatment

What To Do After Lip Filling Treatment

What to do after lip filling treatment? Generally, it would help if you avoid smoking and alcohol. Avoid drinking hot drinks. Try not to touch your lips for a few days. After the procedure, your lips will be swollen. These side effects usually go away in 24 to 48 hours, but they can last up to a week. During this period, you should keep your lips dry and clean. You can resume smoking and alcohol after a few days. However, before the procedure, be sure you know the actual lip fillers price near you. 

Avoid smoking:

Almost everyone knows the importance of not smoking after lip filling treatment, but many still do it despite the risk. The dangers of smoking are many and varied, but the bottom line is that it can cause damage to the cosmetic procedure. Smoking after lip fillers is not the only reason for avoiding smoking – many medicines are also bad for the lips. Smoking after lip fillers can ruin the process and lead to several infections. In addition, the chemicals in these procedures are prone to spoilage, so the patient must refrain from smoking for at least two days.

Avoid alcohol:

There are many reasons why you should avoid alcohol after lip filling treatment. For one thing, alcohol can make your blood thinner, which makes it more prone to needle injury. Plus, it increases your body’s natural sensitivity to pain, so drinking alcohol after treatment can hurt your body. Moreover, alcohol can cause bruising and swelling. This can delay your recovery time and cause you to suffer embarrassing consequences.

Avoid hot drinks:

After undergoing lip filling treatment, you should avoid drinking or eating anything particularly spicy or acidic for a couple of days. While the numbing cream should wear off within a few hours, you should still refrain from alcohol, caffeine, and spicy or acidic foods. These foods may cause the new lip filler to shift and lead to excessive licking, which may result in infection.

Avoid touching your lips:

After your lip enhancement procedure, you should avoid touching your lips for 48 hours. It would help if you also avoid hot showers, steam, and heated exercises. Performing massages will cause swelling, and firm pressure will disperse the newly injected filler. It would help if you avoided smoking and alcohol, as both can increase the chances of infection. Similarly, do not touch your lips if they are still puffy or red.

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